Entry Arbors
Arbors make a statement to all
who enter!
Swing Arbors
By adding a swing, your entry
arbor becomes a peaceful
retreat.  (All hardware for swing
support is included.)
Affordable Elegance
Enjoy the lasting beauty and affordable elegance of
the world's
first complete fiberglass composite
arbor and pergola system.
Swing and Accent Arbors
The swing arbor is the perfect touch to provide a
relaxing focal point where space is limited. It comes
complete with hardware to support the swing of
your choice, and may be customized to fit your
particular application.

Custom accent and entrance arbors add an elegant
visual element in the yard, garden or pool side.
Free-standing Arbors
Think outside the backyard!
Our arbors and components the perfect choice for
commercial applications as well.  They add
ambiance to cafés and bistros, and style to
entries.  The extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio
of our beams allows for clear spans of up to 18
feet, and components can be manufactured and
configured to meet your exact design
specifications. Our structures and architectural
accents are great additions for retail
developments, residential communities,
recreational facilities and commercial properties.  
Their long life and low maintenance, in addition to
limited lifetime warranty, makes them a
cost-effective and attractive addition to your project.
Southern Exposure Arbors
Arbors & Pergolas
You are visitor
Instantly transform a typical yard into an exciting
new outdoor living space with a stand alone arbor.
These kits are lightweight, easy to assemble and
add value and beauty to any outdoor area. Our
arbors are made entirely of fiberglass, which
means they are extremely durable and will provide
a lifetime of maintenance free enjoyment.
Attached Arbors
Custom Arbors
Attached arbor kits are easy to assemble and
come pre-cut to your exact specifications. We can
design an attached arbor that fits your exact
requirements. Odd shaped decks, patios and
structures are not a problem.
Talented engineers can create an arbor to fit any
unique space.  We understand that people's
backyards are as diverse as the people
themselves. That's why we developed a product
that can be customized to fit any situation. Because
when it comes to backyard living, one size does
fit all!
Custom Arbors
By adding an arbor, you instantly
add distinction to your home, and
call attention to unusual
architectural features.